One month from requiring the works to commence, Ivy was contacted to assist with this monumental package of works which consisted of tile cleaning to the 2 iconic pedestrian subways beneath Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station. With our specialist subcontractors we undertook 12 stages of application and removal of the specified Westox DLAM-22 to over 2000m2 of heritage tile work.

The works needed to be completed out of hours between 10pm and 4am with high levels of coordination and planning between staff, subcontractors and the client. The use of the DLAM-22 product was carefully monitored to ensure it was applied and removed following Westox specifications while Ivy implemented innovative techniques to apply and remove the product more efficiently.

Working within the confined subways, Ivy provided real-time air monitoring that was assessed and reported ensuring no risk to our workers, staff or the public throughout. Throughout it was also required to keep detailed records and photo dilapidation surveys (before & after) for submission to Heritage Victoria due to the significance of the works.