Ivy Constructions has been engaged to coordinate ongoing inspections of the heritage infrastructure that makes up the Former Yorkshire Brewery Site apartment complex including the iconic polychrome brickwork Brew Tower and adjacent Cellar, Boilerhouse and Stables buildings.

With Strata Plan, we have developed an ongoing relationship where we facilitate the necessary inspection criteria laid out in the Heritage Infrastructure Management Plan.

Works consist of bi-annual inspections where our specialist contractors and consultants are engaged to undertake inspections and maintenance of the structure, roofing, drainage systems, timber windows, doors and other areas of significance.

The findings are compiled into conservation reports which, in conjunction with Lovell Chen architects, are submitted to the Executive Director of Heritage Victoria on a 3-year basis.

Attention by Ivy is taken to liase with the property management, local council and residents in undertaking these inspections ensuring all required permits and effective traffic management for access equipment to be used in the narrow bluestone laneways surrounding the property.

We take pride in our ongoing relationships with clients as well as ensuring the ongoing use of our dedicated subcontractors and consultants to ensure a growing knowledge base of the buildings.